Every brand needs an identity, and every identity needs a voice. I'm here to help you re-imagine your own brand through custom hand lettering, design, and strategy to directly target your audience. Together, we will take your business to the next level, pushing you to the front of your competition. Are you ready?

Mighty Brewing
Brand Identity
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“We were looking for a last-minute lettering artist to put together a design for our business’ Open House in a well-loved and rejuvenated town location. Mike’s work was the type of lettering we were going for. He was always quick to respond and has a very systematic approach that works well.”

— Elizabeth Ordelheide, Mt. West Dentist

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If you're starting a new business or looking to take the one you have to the next level, hit me up! I would love to hear about your next project. Whether it’s developing a brand identity, creating a packaging system, illustration campaign or you just want to say hi, please reach out and tell me more.

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